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Medizinische Brücke GmbH
Emil-Riedelstr. 5
80538 München

Телефоны для звонков из России:
+49 89 666 55 303
+49 89 666 55 302
Мы говорим по-русски и по-немецки

Телефоны для звонков из Германии:
089 666 55 303
089 666 55 302
Мы говорим по-русски и по-немецки

Дежурный телефон:
+49 (0) 89 666 55 303
в вечернее время, выходные и праздничные дни, но только в экстренных случаях.

+49 (0) 89 672 08 977

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Treatment in Germany

Medical treatment abroad, in particular treatment in Germany is the basic specialization of association Medizinische Brücke GmbH.
The best medical treatment and clinics  are  in  Germany. The best communication with them   is  Medizinische  Brücke (Medical  Bridge). We guarantee only theGerman quality and we present   only the best German medical authorities. Our motto is exclusiveness, confidentiality and cordiality. German doctors are capable to work wonders. The main thing is to address to them in time. Don’t be late.

Medical Bridge to Germany

Association Medizinische Brücke GmbH (Medical bridge), whose head office is located in the capital of Bavaria Munich, is the Society with a limited liability and has the corresponding State License (¹ HRB 155893). The basic field of activity of Association is the organization of treatment of patients from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other CIS countries in Germany. Besides Medizinische Brücke GmbH arranges in Germany training and improvement of professional skill of foreign doctors, carries out export of the medical equipment and techniques.
Successful work of Association is promoted by close contacts  with the leading clinics and hospitals  of Germany, manufacturers of medical facilities and, certainly, business, creative communication with medical  authorities of the European and world level.
We are proud  to be supported by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social  Protection of Bavaria, and also by strong contacts with the leading insurance companies and medical institutions of the CIS countries.

The Best Medicine in Germany

Achievements of Germany in Medicine and, first of all, in such branches as surgery, oncology, cardiology, neurology, urology, orthopedics, diagnostics and rehabilitation are known all over the world. And water and mud establishments and resorts were and remain a favorite place to restore the health of foreign visitors.
Exclusive activity of association of Medizinische Brücke GmbH consists in the efficiency,  responsibility and the professional approach to the organization of treatment of foreign patients. It means, that in each separate case, consultations of leading medical authorities  are arranged and under their recommendations individual Programs of diagnostics and treatment  are carried out. As a rule,some alternative offers and a full informative material of the clinics are presented to the patients.  It helps the patient to be guided and make the correct decision.
We constantly fill up our databank with new achievments  of the leading clinics and scientific- research institutes of  Europe and  inform our patients about the newest methods of  diagnostics and treatment .

Health is Worth-while of Coming to Germany

The variety of medical Programs offered by us is practically unlimited. Having addressed to us, you receive a qualified consultation, help and answers practically any of the questions interesting you, concerning possible treatment in Germany.
Our page in the Internet:  www.vip-medmost.ru is constantly updated by the newest events in the medical world and modern medical offers
You can receive more detailed information, having contacted the employees of Association Medizinische Brücke GmbH.

The Basic Services of Medical Bridge (Medizinische Brücke)

Individual selection of medical establishment with granting a full informative material about opportunities of the offered medical center

  • Personal and correspondence consultation and medical advice of the chief professors of the leading clinics
  • Working out of the individual complete program of diagnostics and treatment
  • Realization of protection of interests of the patient in the German medical institutions
  • Granting of accompanying  interpreter for all time in the country
  • Written and oral  translations of  medical documentation
  • The help in the decision of non-standard medical questions
  • Visa support (also for accompanying persons). A full package of documents for the German General Consulate
  • Meeting and seeing off at the airports and at stations
  • Booking of hotels of any class
  • Purchase of tickets for all types of transport
  • Rent a car of any model( possible with a driver)
  • The organization of the cultural program and travel across  Europe
  • The help in the decision of all formalities for accompanying persons
  • Association Medizinische Brücke insures competence, quality,  correctness and  a full confidentiality of the mutual relations with patients.

Another kind of activity of Association is export and import of the medical equipment new and used.

Attention of heads of medical institutions, rehabilitation centers, insurance and travel agencies:
We are ready to expand a network of our representations in various regions of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, other countries, and we invite you to business cooperation.

Our  address:
Medizinische  Brücke  GmbH
Emil-Riedelstr. 5
80538 Munich
Telephone: +49(89) 666 53 303
Fax:  +49(89) 672 08 977

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